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This site has been created to provide former students, staff and friends with one more way to re-connect - virtually. The history, shared memories and individual ‘take-away moments’ have enabled some of us to form enduring relationships. Each link that follows this introduction reflects the spirit of people whose words embody the core of the social invention we envisioned, created, and called Futuristic Education even as Long Island Newsday called ours a “Tender, Loving School.”

It lasted less than a decade and then it was gone (read more...)

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Being Abraham Maslow - Video Interview with Abraham Maslow

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Howling at the Moon, an essay by Ken Moss
This is an MT Book, Chapter 1, by John Sherin
Mary Anne Raywid Archive

If this is your first visit, please go to the Alumni News page so you can register in the M-T alumni database and look up some old friends. Unfortunately, our email / address list is incomplete, so if you have kept in touch with classmates, please let them know about this site. The Alumni News page also is where you’ll find information about upcoming reunions, and don't forget to check out the Reunion Photos page to see who has attended these events (22 reunion gatherings to date). The M-T Message Board is where you can see what some of your classmates have on their minds and leave a message of your own.

If you would like to contribute items to this website -- for example, photographs, stories, newspaper articles -- you may send them to our webmaster, Judy Freilicher, at jefreilicher@yahoo.com. Questions regarding Reunion 2020 may be directed to Steve Ingenito (reunion coordinator extraordinaire) at cheifingo@aol.com.

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