M-T History Page 4


~ Take responsibility for yourself.
~ Focus on your personal feelings.
~ Engage in feedback.
~ Take risks. Volunteer. Be open and adventurous.
~ Place emphasis upon honesty when dealing with yourself and others.
~ Share your experiences; they are a source of power.
~ Interruptions come first.
~ Wear comfortable clothing.
~ Use groups as a support system for growth.
~ You are a unique and precious being. Therefore, be yourself.
~ Speak of your accomplishments and be proud. Love yourself.
~ You are a human resource. Give of yourself. See persons in need of your talent.


You are entering a continuum of thought, movement and action.

It does not go back to anything, but is a living moment that is ever changing.

Be prepared to be what you are: if it hurts, cry; if it’s pain, scream; if it shows itself as love, love.

Touch, hug, kiss . . . be what you are.

Communication is an inestimable aid. Write notes, papers, blackboard messages - any way you choose. Make a tape, say a message on it to someone that you might not do another way.

Talk, joke, hold a hand, give a message - communicate all you can, any way you can, including doing, or saying nothing.

Consider directness and confrontation; they are keys to a door of infinite actualizations of what you are, and all the joy that is.

Avoidance leads us away from learning, leads us away from the goal of integration between our body, mind and spirit; away from the unbounded happiness of being complete. -- Joe Trusso


~ Make statements. Claim ownership of questions that conceal hidden agendas.
~ Try. Expect miracles. Your priorities define probable futures.
~ Establish your own priorities.
~ Try to follow through on your commitments even if it means making fewer of them.
~ Keep a personal journal.
~ Be as trusting of others as your level of growth permits; accept yourself.

(Photos:  Conrad Follansbee releasing a dove at the 1976 graduation ceremony; John Sherin and student, 1979.)